Pye Chamberlayne Obit


Chamberlayne, Longtime Unipresser, Dies

WASHINGTON, Oct. 21, 2006 (UPI) -- Pye Chamberlayne, longtime United Press International newsman and broadcaster, has died at his home in rural Virginia, west of Washington.

His wife Mary told the Downhold Club, an association of former Unipressers, that he died peacefully overnight. There was no indication of anything wrong, she said, and he even had projects planned for Saturday.

Chamberlayne was born in 1938 and was a newsman from 1953 to 1999, his online blog said.

He worked for his hometown newspaper in Richmond, Va., and helped pay his way through the University of Virginia by covering police news in Charlottesville.

Chamberlayne was bilingual, learning French while in Paris schools for four years while his father was the news editor of the Paris edition of the New York Herald Tribune.

After getting his degree in English, he spent two years at Agence France-Presse, and a summer with The Associated Press.

He moved to Washington and began working for UPI in 1962, covering the White House for two years before covering Congress and politics. He mainly worked as a radio correspondent, and his reports were heard around the world.

Former Senate Radio-TV Gallery Superintendent Larry Janezich, in a 2005 retirement interview on his 40 years on Capitol Hill, gave his idea of what made a good reporter.

"Two skills are needed above all," he said. "You must be able to speak and write clearly and persuasively! This of course, works just as well for the journalist as it does for the politician. Pye Chamberlayne had a way of distilling information in creative and interesting ways."

Chamberlayne is survived by his wife, a son and his daughter-in-law.

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