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President Ford visiting the press section aboard Air Force One, leans in to respond to a question by UPI's Helen Thomas on March 30, 1975. Ford was in Palm Springs for a nine day working vacation. (UPI Photo)

Margaret Truman Daniel, (R) presents the Communications Award to Helen Thomas, UPI White House reporter, at the Awards presentation ceremony of the Ladies' Home Journal in New York City on April 20, 1975. Eight women were honored by the magazine as "Women of the Year," for 1975. (UPI Photo)

This photo was taken by Don Brydon, UPI general executive based in Chicago. At far left is Bill Lyon, VP-newspictures.; middle is Ray Macchini, veteran HX photographer and head photographer; between Macchini and Haney with his head turned away is Bob Kieckhefer; Paul Haney of KP bureau is on the right. Photo was taken at the Burlington (Iowa) Hawkeye newspaper, which was first paper in the world to order Unifax-II. (Courtesy of Paul Haney)

Facing Media. Martin McReynolds (L, in pin-stripe suit) and Claude Hippeau meet local reporters in Bogota, Columbia, in July 1976 after leaving the presidential palace. They had called on President Alfonso Lopez Michelsen to apologize for the erroneous UPI dispatch that reported his assassination.

1976 Montreal Olympics UPI photographers included Ron Kuntz, Gary Edwards, Ray Foli, Lana Harris, Les Sintay and Mike Pugh. (Courtesy of Bruno Torres -- need more IDs)

1976 Montreal Olympics More UPI photographers included Bob Schnitzlein, Charlie McCarty, Ted Majeski, Bill Lyon, Daryl Heikes, Gary Edwards, Alan Papkin, Ray Foli, Ron Kuntz, Les Sintay, Bruno Torres and Mike Pugh.

Former President Gerald Ford models a gag T-shirt for UPI reporter Helen Thomas and his wife Betty (R). The shirt says "Old Fords Never Die, They Just Go Faster." The Fords are living in a rented Palm Springs home until his new house is built. (UPI Photo)

UPI reporter Frank Csongos interviewed anthropologist Margaret Mead in an apartment overlooking Lincoln Center on Dec. 12, 1977. (Photo by Andrew Lopez)

UPI Log February 1977

Cover of 1977 UPI Stylebook, compiled and edited by Bobby Ray Miller.

Foreword for 1977 UPI Stylebook.

"Dr. Darkness' "UPI Night Writers". This was UPI Texas state editor Frank Cook's Dallas softball team (circa 1977). Back row (L-R) Ed Fulton, John Yemma, Richard Boggs, Ray Perez, Bob Inderman and Bill Trott. Front row (L-R) Gary Edwards, Cassie Cohen, Joe Domek, Paula Butterini, Steve Holmes, Pat Remick and Steve Reed. Seated in front is Cook. (Courtesy of Bill Ryan)

Marty Locker, wearing green eye shade, in Atlanta bureau in 1977 just after switching from operator to newsside. (Courtesy of Bill Ryan)

UPI Paycheck stub from Dec. 31, 1977, for Steven Wagner of Boise bureau.

UPI clackers.

Mary Tyler Moore shown ripping UPI copy off printer in her television show in undated photo. (UPI Photo).

UPI photographer caps -- U.S. and Canadian.

Nameplates from two teletype machines -- one belonging to United Press Associations and the other to UPI.

Photo taken in newsroom of Buenos Aires bureau in 1978, at going-away party for South American Director Claude Hippeau, who was transferring to NX. Hippeau is near the middle of the photo, with high forehead, glasses, big smile, striped tie, standing just behind and to left of his wife Luce, in checkered dress.  Others, front row, extreme left, are Antonio DeMarchi, photo/features administrator, and Jose Talavera, Paraguayan exile translator, Then, after skipping about four unidentified, accountant Nurhan "Nick" Horasan (bald, black-rimmed glasses, next to fire extinguisher); correspondent Diana Page (dark coat, holding drink);  Argentine Manager  Alberto Schazin; Hippeau's secretary  Irma Moore (dark sleeves, light dress); Luce Hippeau (checkered dress); South American comptroller Osvaldo Jones (wide smile); South American newseditor Marty McReynolds (partly obscured by guys in front); retired South America news editor William L.F. "Bill" Horsey (standing sideways, drink in left hand, glasses); messenger David Bronstein, holding drink in right hand; UPITN cameraman  Walter de Cabo (behind David).  Also, in top row, teletype operators Vicente Vasquez (in front of clock); and Pascual Espinosa (last one on right in top row). (Courtesy of Marty McReynolds)

Bruno Torres, Rudolfo Rivera and Daryl Heikes at the World Soccer Cup Championships in Cordoba, Argentina in June 1978. (Courtesy of Bruno Torres)

Helen Thomas (second from left), UPI White House reporter, moves quickly to keep in front of things while accompanying President Carter during his visit to West Berlin on July 15, 1978. Carter was in West Berlin for the seven nation economic meeting. (UPI Photo).

UPI staffer Steven Wagner (foreground, in color) covers President Carter at the Boise Air Terminal in 1978. This photo was snapped by UPI's Ron Edmonds, who later won a Pulitzer for the AP.

Artist Rendering of Dallas bureau/technical center, which was announced by UPI on Oct. 12, 1978.

Bob Lowry-MG at UPI cubicle at Alabama State Capitol Pressroom in 1978

Cartoon that appeared after UPI voted Southern Cal No. 1 after 1978 college football season. Rox had Bama No. 1, despite its early season loss to the Trojans. Origin of this cartoon is unknown.

Close-up of Ringo Starr taken during a break in the filming of "Caveman" at Churubusco Studios in Mexico City on May 13, 1980. He's shown wearing the UPI logo as a monocle. (UPI Photo)

UPI photographer Roddey Mims in the 1970's and early 80's. (Courtesy of Dick Van Nostrand.)

Four UPI Brazil bureau managers at the UPI booth at the 1981 Inter-American Press Association general assembly in Rio de Janeiro. From left: Luiz Menezes, John (Jack) Virtue, Alberto Schazin and Claude Hippeau.

UPI's newly designed Unifax II machine 1982 unveiled in 1982. (UPI Photo).

Picketing UPI: Art McGinn on an informational picket line of the Wire Service Guild at the Fox Plaza in San Francisco in the mid-1980s.

Chicago Night Desk Crew (circa 1978). L-R: Rosalyn Rossi, Vicki O'Hare, Tim Coder, Jeff Unger, Carolyn Lesh, Marcia Stepanek, Rick Lyman, Ed Lion and Andy Yemma.

This photo taken on the first day of occupation of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on Nov. 4, 1979 and shows American hostages being paraded by their militant Iranian captors. The picture was obtained by UPI after the FBI showed no interest. It was brought into the U.S. by an Iranian.

UPI correspondent Ruth Gruber, a native of Philadelphia, based in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, visited the grave of her great grandmother, Ettel Gruber in the Jewish cemetery in the northern Romanian town of Raduati on Jan. 25, 1979. During World War II nearly all the Jews of Radauti were either killed or transported to Nazi concentration camps. (UPI Photo)

President Carter and UPI White House reporter Helen Thomas share a laugh during the surprise birthday party given to Thomas by her colleagues at the White House press room on Aug. 3, 1979.

President Jimmy Carter swings for the fences in July 4, 1980, softball game against the press, as (L-R) UPI's Tom Foty, Larry McQuillen and Helen Thomas look on. (Courtesy of Tom Foty).

Texas Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby surrounded by reporters in state Senate chamber in August 1980. In striped shirt behind Hobby is Austin UPI staffer Ray Perez, who later did a stint for UPI in South America.

UPI Broadcast Timetable circa 1980.

UPI promo on China bureau opening.

UPI Promo from the 1980s.

Alabama UPI promo from 1980.

UPI teletype machines that most veteran Unipressers are familiar with. (UPI Photo)

UPI photo transmitter

UPI urgent broadcast copy on the release of the U.S. hostages by Iran on Jan. 20, 1981.

President Reagan greets UPI White House correspondent Helen Thomas in the White House Treaty Room. Reagan granted an interview with the wire services and described the March 30 attempt on his life. (UPI Photo)

UPI's 1981 New York headquarters at 220 East 42nd Street in New York.

UPI Log May 1981

Page 2 of the May 1981 UPI Log.

President Reagan meets with Roderick Beaton, president of UPI (C) and H.L. Stevenson, vice president and editor in chief of UPI, during a courtesy call on Aug. 3, 1981, by Beaton and Stevens at the White House. The courtesy call was to reinforce the invitation to the president to speak at the annual meeting of UPI editors and publishers convention to be held in New York on Oct. 5-6, 1981. (Photo by Ron Bennett)

Front of UPI's 75th anniversary report.

Back of UPI's 75th anniversary report.

Rod Beaton, UPI President and CEO --from Company's 75th Anniversary Report in 1982.

UPI Bureau at at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston for Apollo 10. Ed Delong (left), Bill Ferguson and Al Rossiter Jr. (sitting).

Al Rossiter (left); Astronaut Sally Ride and Audio's Bill Small in the audio booth in the UPI trailer at the Kennedy Space Center during an early shuttle mission in the '80s. The people in the background by the window overlooking the launch site are Don Brown talking to Michelle Mundth. Also, that's Dave Wiessler just outside the audio booth, above Rossiter's head.

Tom Foty in UPI Audio's Washington Bureau in the National Press Building in 1982.

Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno was UPI's 1982 coach of the year. Paterno is shown as he watched his Penn State team practice in preparation for their Sugar Bowl game against Georgia. Paterno died in 2012 in disgrace over a sex scandal he allegedly helped cover up on the university campus. (UPI Photo)

Diahann Carroll, star of the Broadway hit, "No Strings," interviewed by UPI reporter Charles Justice, in her Central Park West apartment. She was 27 years old at the time. (UPI Photo)

Visiting correspondent Zhou Lifang of the Chinese News Agency Xinhua in Peking was accompanied by a uniformed policeman in February 1982, while observing press operations at the White House. After Zhou had been in the White House press center for a couple of hours, the policeman was pulled off duty. At right is UPI correspondent Helen Thomas. (UPI Photo)

UPI Audio 1982 election night staff in Washington bureau. Left-to-right: Bill Small, Pye Chamberlayne, Bob Hoenig, Rob Navias and Tom Foty.

UPI's top 10 stories of 1982.

Bill Small, former President of NBC News and for 17 years an executive with CBS News, was named president and CEO of United Press International, on Sept. 14, 1982. Small replaced Rod Beaton, who retired on Sept. 1, 1982.

Ed Smith, a UPI correspondent in London, filing a story outside of the Big Ben clock tower on Jan. 1, 1983. (UPI Photo)

UPI reporter Peter Costa tries out the new Osborne portable computer at NX bureau on April 22, 1983. UPI announced that the news service will be a marketing agent to the media for the Osborne Computer Corporation's portable computers. The announcement was made in conjunction with the unveiling of the Executive, Osborne's new portable computer, at a news conference for New York media representatives. (UPI Photo)

Regional reporters appointed in 1983. Front row (L-R) Pat Remick, Joe Mianowany and Chuck Abbott. Back row (L-R) Joey Ledford, George Lobsenz and Chris Chrystal.

UPI sales report.Kilgore News Herald gave UPI thumbs up on May 10, 1983, preferring UPI's Austin report over rox.

Austin, Texas, bureau in the 1983 Texas Senate Media Guide.

President Reagan and Helen Thomas sitting on couch together in the Oval Office for the end of the year interview in December 1983. (UPI Photo)

UPI communications managers and service company representatives (UPISC). Photo was taken during the Ruhe-Geissler era. Standing (L-R) Toby Smith, AJ communications manager; Lou Forgy, DA technician; Linda Miller, UPI accountant; Bob Kelley, UPI vice president for communications; Maureen Sheridan McKeefer, UPI ordering department; Lee Moynihan head of UPI Service Co.; Chuck Lippmeier,SX communications manager; Deano Baker, UPISC satellite technician; Frank Duzenski, NX communications manager; Joe Domek, HX communications manager; Hank Burrece, BH communications manager; and Bob Hebrank, DA control desk. Kneeling (L-R) UPISC technician (unrecall name), Gus Heidkamp, PS communiciations manager; Jim Tolbert, DA communications manager; Jim Hennessey, WA communications manager; UPISC technician (son of the unknown tech on the left). Photo Courtesy of Toby Smith.

UPI sales looked good in 1983, but things nearly went bust in 1984.

Renowned UPI editor Lucien Carr at his desk at UPI in 1984. Carr introduced Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs to each other. (Photo by Allen Ginsberg)

Austin Capitol Bureau Early 1983 From left, photographer Bob Thomas, who was laid off after the FNN takeover in 1988; Tim Sheehy, who left for IBM shortly after the '84 pay cuts; Bob Lowry; and Dwayne Cox, legislative relief from Dallas who later left UPI for IBM. Seated is Teresa Anderson, who left in early '85 for the Texas Education Agency.

Gov. J. Joseph Garrahy proclaimed Jan. 23, 1983, as "UPI Day in Rhode Island." The occasion was the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Providence Bureau by Tom Gerber. From left are former bureau managers Barry Brooks, Pat Gilbo, Bruce Stevenson, Bob Flynn, Jim Baar, John Skalko, Jack McDonough and Ken Franckling (the last Providence Bureau manager), and Secretary of State Susan Farmer, who presented the resolution.

Copy of 1983 "UPI Day In Rhode Island" resolution.

1984 Winter Olympics reporting from Sarajevo by UPI Radio's Tom Foty.

UPI World Headquarters at 1400 Eye St., in Washington, D.C. The phone number then was: (202) 898-8000.

Front of UPI Headquarters

USA Today chart that accompanied Feb. 21, 1984, story under the headline -- "UPI's Big Story: Its Comeback."

Variety of UPI stickers -- old and new. (Courtesy of Dennis Kinsella).

Neil Sheehan, who was UPI correspondent in South Vietnam and later worked for The New York Times, spoke April 20, 1984, at UPI's annual breakfast for publishers attending the annual meeting of the American Newspapers Publishers Association. Sheehan gave his views on the war in South Vietnam. (UPI Photo)

Tom Foty running control board in UPI Radio's trailer at 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco.

Late Pye Chamberlayne, UPI Radio's veteran Senate and political reporter, on floor of 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco. He first joined UPI Audio in 1962 and was there at the end of the service in 1999.

UPI Audio Network engineer sets up newcast as UPI goes "on the air" (top, middle photos); editor (bottom photo) at WBTV in Charlotte, N.C., calls up story from station's computer. WBTV used UPI's high-speed Broadcast DataNews Service.

UPI Radio's 1984 Democratic Convention staff in San Francisco. L-to-R: Bill Wilson, Tom Foty, Bill Small.

UPI Radio's 1984 Democratic Convention staff in San Francisco. L-to-R: co-anchors Bill Small and Camille Bohannon; reporter Rob Navias

Former Unipresser. Woman at far right is former Austin UPI staffer Ann Arnold. At the time of this photo, she was press secretary to then-Texas Gov. Mark White.

Circa mid-80s, Doug Dowie files HC bureau fire story while Joe Galloway lights a cigarette in smoke-filled bureau. Dennis Kinsella fields phones. Behind Dowie and Galloway apparently is photo stringer Phil McBride. Carlos Schiebeck, HCP manager probably took the photo.

Dennis Kinsella talks to NX marketing in smoke -filled HC newsroom with Joe Galloway (L), Doug Dowie (C) in background. (Courtesy of Dennis Kinsella).

Undated log on the Los Angeles bureau fire.

Lowry and Langford. Bob Lowry and Mark Langford, the two-man Austin bureau in 1985 - and for most of the 80s. Langford was laid off in September 1999 when UPI finally closed the Austin bureau.

President Reagan is interviewed in the Oval Office by UPI White House reporter Helen Thomas on Jan. 23, 1985. Reagan confirmed that the administration has proposed talks with the Soviets beginning in early March in Geneva, but Moscow had not yet replied. (UPI Photo)

Handbill for "Rent Party" on May 5, 1985 for Austin staffers shortly after bankruptcy filing. It was sponsored by SPJ/SDX, but neither Bob Lowry nor Mark Langford accepted any of the proceeds.

UPI photo crew at Super Bowl XX in 1985 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. Some included, Kewin Plevka, Calvin Hom, Gary Caskey, Terry Bishotti, Ray Foli, Bruno Torres, Dave Fornell and Gary Edwards. The Chicago Bears beat the New England Patriots. (Photo courtesy of Bruno Torres

UPI photographers at the 1985 World Series at St. Louis' Busch Stadium (Cardinals vs. Royals) were (L-R back row) Art Phillips-XP; Gerald Shuman-DAP; Joe Polimeni-DUP; Mary Butkus, St. Louis stringer; Larry DeSantis-NXP; unidenfied woman; and Bruno Torres-HSP. (L-R front row) are Kerwin Plevka-DAP; Jack Balletti-NXP; unidentified man; Gary Edwards-DAP; David Ake-DXP; and Calvin Hom-KPP. (Courtesy of Bruno Torres)

President Reagan gives an interview to reporters from four wire services. Seated facing the camera are Ralph Harris of Reuters and Helen Thomas of United Press International. Foreground backs to camera are Pierre Rousselin (L) of Agence France-Presse and Michael Putzel of the Associated Press. (UPI Photo by Larry Rubenstein)

1984 photo of UPI's new 16S color transmitter and Unifax II color receiver. (UPI Photo)

UPI postcard promo for "NewsPak," a radio news package advertised for as low as $57 a week. It included UPI Headlines, DTN Agricultural Reports and Vortex Weather.

Little Unipresser: Bob Lowry's daughter, Katie in Austin, Texas, in 1986 (Now in grad school at Boston University).

Million Dollar Toast (From the WiReport in January 1986 on Mario Vazquez Rana's preliminary takeover of UPI.)

Letter from Luis Nogales to UPI creditors in May 1986.

1986 UPI photo from now-defunct The Houston Post of Mexican publisher Mario Vazquez Rana and Houston developer Joe Russo shaking on their deal to buy the company out of bankruptcy.

Letter from UPI about "victory ties and scarves."

"Victory tie" received by UPI staffers in 1986.

"Victory Scarves" received by women UPI staffers in 1986.

Various UPI pins (Courtesy of Dennis Kinsella).

Bob Lowry (kneeling), Mark Langford look over message from UPI wire. Langford is seated at the press table on the floor of the Texas Senate. Photo was taken in the late 1980s.

UPI photo crew at National League Championship series between the Houston Astros and the New York Mets in 1986 at the Houston Astrodome. The crew, L- R, Calvin Hom, Dave Fornell, David Ake, Kerwin Plevka, Gary Edwards, Jo Keener, Walt Frerck, Bruno Torres, Bob Malish, Bruno's daughter, Elizabeth Torres and unidentified young boy in center. (Courtesy of Bruno Torres

Willie Nelson and Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim "Whole Hog" Hightower at the University of Texas Memorial Stadium in 1986 to announce Nelson's Farm Aid concert in Austin, Texas. At far right is Austin UPI bureau manager Bob Lowry.

Austin interview. UPI photo showing Bob Lowry doing interview on steps of Texas Capitol in 1987.

E&P Ad for UPI's "Pyxys" Digital Photo System. This is the first page of a eight-page advertising insert that UPI placed in a 1987 edition of Editor & Publisher. The project never got off the ground and was canceled when the FNN group took over in 1988.

Jim Wieck's 1987 letter to Editor & Publisher, noting UPI beat in Texas.

Bob Lowry's wife Angie, with daughter Katie in Austin in 1987.

E&P ad from Aug. 3, 1987, issue promoting UPI picture service.

1989 USA TODAY story on Dutch firm's interest in acquiring UPI, FNN

UPI Ad in E&P (UPI ad in April 9, 1988 Editor & Publisher after round of massive layoffs.)

Bob Lowry's wife, Angie, wearing one of UPI T-shirts given to staffers who covered the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta. Black knit shirts with the UPI logo on the front were also available.

Boise, Idaho, bureau. (Courtesy of Mark Shenefelt)

UPI Release on Mike Freedman leaving UPI Radio Network in 1989.

Helen Thomas interviewing first lady Barbara Bush at the White House on Feb. 3, 1989. (UPI Photo)

Austin, Texas, staff in 1989, from Texas Senate press guide,

House ad on UPI CustomStocks/2000 on back page of Dec. 11, 1989, The New Unipresser.

1989 Annual Report (This was opening section on UPI in Infotechnology's slick 1989 annual report.)

UPI postcard promoting the PC Newsdesk -- "Affordable Newsroom Software from the UPI/Basys Team."

The New Unipresser - 2/5/90

UPI reporters in Managua, Nicaragua, covering the presidential election in March 1990. From left are: Bruno Torres, Houston photographer; Daniel Alder, UPI, El Salvador; John Otis, UPI, Panama City; and Douglas Tweedale, UPI, Managua. (Photo courtesy of Bruno Torres)

Bruno Torres shaking hands with Daniel Ortega the day after he lost election to Violeta Chamorro as president of Nicaragua in March 1990. (Courtesy of Bruno Torres)

Bird Watch Crew (From the April 16, 1990, The New Unipresser, photo of part of the crew that covered NASA's April 10 planned launch of the Hubble Space Telescope aboard the shuttle. Unipressers shown here were, Joshua Roberts, MHP, left standing; Bill Harwood, BW; Dan Sears, MHP; Rob Navias, MHA; Rob Stein, WA science editor; David Mould, AJ regional editor, left foreground; and Pete Cosgrove, TPP.)

Broadcast studio at WA bureau at 1400 I. Street, circa 1990.

Radio sports office at WA bureau at 1400 I. Street, circa 1990.

Radio sports office at WA bureau at 1400 I. Street, circa 1990.

'Many Vietnam Vets Still at UPI' (May 1990 Article in UPI Advance.)

Economic Summit in Houston in July 1990. UPI Photo crew. L-R: Bruno Torres, Gary Edwards, Joe Marquette, Vince Mannino, Gary Caskey, Jo Keener, unidentified, Delcia Lopez, stringer; Bob Carrol, Tim Roberts.

Five-Page Personal Profile Questionnaire Issued by UPI in August 1990. Many Unipressers were suspicious of it since layoffs were starting around that time.

Boston bureau June 11, 1992 (Courtesy of Dave Haskell)

Latest UPI stylebook. This stylebook was published in 1992 by the Chicago-based National Textbook Co., and retailed for $12.95. The foreword credits "style editor" Robert McNeill with the 1992 revisions.

UPI White House reporter Helen Thomas grins impishly at the camera while visiting the American sector of the Demilitarized Zone in South Korea with President Clinton in July 1993. Thomas was a long-time, aggressive, no bullshit, superb reporter covering the White House for UPI. While giving no quarter to a succession of presidents, they all loved her, her style, tenacity and ability. (Photo by Wally McNamee)

Editor & Publisher cartoon from 3/22/97.

White House Press Room just before a briefing on July 18, 1998. From left, Terry Hunt of The Associated Press; Brit Hume, FOX News; and Helen Thomas, UPI.

November 1998 DH Reunion in NX. Photo shows five audio staffers, L-R, Bill Reilly (HXA, Saigon, NXL 1960s-still with UPI as of 2001); Tom Foty (NXA, WAA 1973-84); Bill Wilson (NXA mid-1960s-1984); Pete Willett (Southern Division, HXP, Broadcast GM, VP 1950s-1976); and Roger Norum (Saigon, London Audio, NXA mid-1960s-1979.

UPI Vets (L-R) David F. Belnap, former Buenos Aires executive; Martin McReynolds, NX, MH, Buenos Aires, Lima, Bogota, Panama and San Juan; and Martin P. Houseman, WA, NX, Santiago, Caracas. Photo was taken at San Juan Capistrano, Calif., in August 1999. (Courtesy of Marty McReynolds)

Helen Thomas, the dean of the White House press corps, announced her resignation from UPI on May 16, 1999. Thomas is shown being serenaded with a rendition of "Happy Birthday" in the White House press briefing room Aug. 4, 1999 as she celebrates her 79th birthday.

Marty McReynolds (L) and Dick Harnett in San Mateo, Calif., in August 1999. (Courtesy of Marty McReynolds)

Four-member UPI crew at 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles were, from left, Pam Hess, Tobin Beck, Paul Singer and Pat Nason.

UPI's Paul Singer and Pat Nason at 2000 Democratic National Convention.

UPI's Pam Hess and Tobin Beck at work at 2000 Democratic National Convention.

Group shot of Downholds reunion Sept. 9, 2000, in Sonoma, Calif.

Former UPI President Rod Beaton at Downholders Reunion Sept. 9, 2000, in Sonoma, Calif.

Former UPI President Rod Beaton, right, honored at Downholders Reunion Sept. 9, 2000, in Sonoma, Calif. Dick Harnett presented Beaton with an award for being the last president (12 years) of the "real"or "old" UPI.

2000 Downholders Convention in New York on Nov. 17, 2000 (at Armory). From left: Masako Imajo, Al Kaff, Leon Daniel and Rikio Imajo. (All reunion photos by Marty McReynolds)

2000 Downholders Convention in New York on Nov. 17, 2000 (at P.J. Clarke's). From left: Don Mullen, Lou Carr, Walt Wisniewski and Mary Wisniewski.

2000 Downholders Convention in New York on Nov. 17, 2000 (at Armory). From left: Norberto Svarzman, longtime NX Chester desker; Les Ziffren, a pioneer of UP bureau in Buenos Aires in 1927; and Dan Drosdoff and Enrique Durand, former chiefs of the Chester desk in NX.

2000 Downholders Convention in New York on Nov. 17, 2000 (at Armory). From left: Norberto Svarzman, Lester Ziffren, a pioneer of UP Dan Drosdoff, Marty McReynolds and Enrique Durand.

Helen Thomas in Fort Worth, Texas, on June 18, 2000, for a benefit for the Fort Worth Public Library. From left are: Harriet Harral, Paul Harral, who handled questions from the audience for Thomas; unidentified guest; Wes Turner, publisher of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and, of Thomas.

Group shot of Downholds reunion Sept. 9, 2000, in Sonoma, Calif.

Former UPI President Rod Beaton at Downholders Reunion Sept. 9, 2000, in Sonoma, Calif.

Former UPI President Rod Beaton, right, honored at Downholders Reunion Sept. 9, 2000, in Sonoma, Calif. Dick Harnett presented Beaton with an award for being the last president (12 years) of the "real"or "old" UPI.

2000 Downholders Convention in New York on Nov. 17, 2000 (at Armory). From left: Masako Imajo, Al Kaff, Leon Daniel and Rikio Imajo. (All reunion photos by Marty McReynolds)

2000 Downholders Convention in New York on Nov. 17, 2000 (at P.J. Clarke's). From left: Don Mullen, Lou Carr, Walt Wisniewski and Mary Wisniewski.

2000 Downholders Convention in New York on Nov. 17, 2000 (at Armory). From left: Norberto Svarzman, longtime NX Chester desker; Les Ziffren, a pioneer of UP bureau in Buenos Aires in 1927; and Dan Drosdoff and Enrique Durand, former chiefs of the Chester desk in NX.

2000 Downholders Convention in New York on Nov. 17, 2000 (at Armory). From left: Norberto Svarzman, Lester Ziffren, a pioneer of UP Dan Drosdoff, Marty McReynolds and Enrique Durand

UPI reporters from the civil rights era took part in a panel discussion on April 20, 2002, at the Rosa L. Parks Library and Museum in Montgomery, Ala. (Montgomery Advertiser photo).

Pat Harden, a UPI reporter during the civil rights movement, had a special interest on April 20, 2002, in the display at Selma's Voting Rights Museum. Harden was a young correspondent in Montgomery for UPI when the Freedom Riders rode into town and were beaten by an angry mob. (Montgomery Advertiser photo).

Civil rights era UPI reporters, from left, Elvin Stanton, John Lynch and Ralph Holmes walk on the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., on April 20, 2002. (Montgomery Advertiser photo).

Civil rights era UPI reporters, post on historic Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., on April 20, 2002. From left are: Joe Chapman, Don Martin, John Lynch, Tim Robinson, Pat Harden, Leon Daniel (behind Robinson), Elvin Stanton, Alvin Benn, Bob Gordon, Ralph Holmes, Tony Heffernan, John Hussey, John Herbers and Lewis Lord. (Photo by Tim Robinson)

Alvin Benn, former Unipresser who organized the Montgomery reunion, stands in front of the Montgomery Advertiser's Selma bureau. Benn is now a retired reporter/columnist for the newspaper. (Photo by Tim Robinson)

Reporters from civil rights era who gathered in Montgomery, Ala., on April 20, 2002, recall the day's events. They are (L-R) Tony Heffernan, John Herbers, Joe Chapman, John Hussey, Lewis Lord, Chapman's wife Anna Mae and Al Benn of the Montgomery Advertiser, who organized the reunion. (Photo by Tim Robinson).

Al Benn of the Montgomery Advertiser, who organized the reunion, sports a UPI shirt. Behind him are Anna Mae Chapman and Lewis Lord. (Photo by Tim Robinson). Click here for related stories.

On April 11, 2003, from left, Mike Freedman, Leon Daniel, Billy Ferguson and Al Rossiter, UPI's top editors of 1987 at the National Press Club in Washington for a book signing party for "Unipress,"by Ferguson and the late Dick Harnett. They posed to recreate a 1987 photo which appears on page 327 of "Unipress." (Photo by Tom Foty)

DH reunion was Oct. 4, 2003, at the National Arts Club in New York, a new venue. Jack Fallon was instrumental in securing the venue. The steering committee that organized the event included Duke Coffey, Jan Cawley, Dottie Brooks and Andy Yemma (who also provided the photos). This photo shows, from left, Sherry Conohan, Thelma Shorr and Jack Fallon.

Former UPI House Reporter Helen Thomas in 2003 at White House press briefing. Thomas resigned from UPI in 2000 after it was acquired by News World Communications Inc., which owns the Washington Times newspaper and is linked to the Unification Church. She later was hired by Hearst Newspapers (UPI Photo)

More 10/4/04 DH reunion, from left, Anna Mae Sokusky (Joe Chapman's wife); Barbara Bowers; Brent Bowers; and Joe Chapman.

More 10/4/03 DH reunion -- Peter Bolioli and Dan Andrews.

More 10/4/03 DH reunion. From left, Ron Reichman; Dennis Milewski; Charles and Betsey Lippmeier.

More 10/4/03 DH reunion. From left, Ellen Beck, Earl Flowers; Tobin Beck.

More 10/4/03 DH reunion. From left, Duke Coffey; Joe O'Brien; Cass Vanzi; Bill Goldschlag.

More 10/4/03 DH reunion. From left, Ken Franckling; Ron Reichman; Dave Haskell.

More 10/4/03 DH reunion. From left, Patrick Sullivan; Molly Carruth; Dave Mandel; Mel Laytner.

More 10/4/03 DH reunion. From left, Jan Cawley; Brent Bowers; Bill Holstein; Barbara Bowers.

More 10/4/03 DH reunion. From left, Lucien Carr; Gordon Joseloff; Gary Paul Gates..

More 10/4/03 DH reunion. From left, Andy Yemma; Leon Daniel; Lou Carr; Gary Paul Gates..

Click here for Marge Boatright's retirement part in Dallas. (courtesy of Jim Wieck)

Tony Heffernan, left, and Don Martin speak at Auburn University panel in early May 2004 on the civil rights movement in Alabama during the 1960s. Al Benn, who worked for UPI during that time as a Birmingham staffer, was also on the panel, sponsored by Auburn's Department of Communications and Journalism. Heffernan, who now lives in Atlanta, was UPI bureau manager in Birmingham, covering civil rights activities throughout Alabama in 1964 and 1965. Martin, based in Montgomery, was UPI's state news manager from 1959 to 1964. In addition to supervising bureaus in Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile, he personally covered the church bombing in Birmingham and Gov. George C. Wallace's "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door" at the University of Alabama that same year. He also covered the last leg of the 1961 Freedom Rides -- accompanying activists from Birmingham to Jackson, Miss. He also taught English at Auburn University before retiring. Martin now lives in Gainesville, Fla. He is known affectionately by those who admire him as "The Wild Man."

Former UPI staffers from the civil rights era in Alabama pose after speaking to Auburn University journalism students in early May 2004. From left are, Tony Heffernan, Don Martin and Al Benn. The trio was heavily involved in covering the civil rights movement in Alabama in the 1960s. Benn was a UPI Birmingham staffer; Heffernan was UPI bureau manager in Birmingham; and Martin, based in Montgomery, was UPI's state news manager from 1959 to 1964.

Lester Ziffren, UP correspondent in Buenos Aires in the late 1920's and in Spain in the mid 30's, celebrates his 100th birthday in 2006. This page features background on his UP and subsequent career and photos

UPI veterans Tony Heffernan (R) and Alvin Benn, who worked at the Birmingham bureau in 1964-65, attend a scholarship program April 12, 2007, for the late Tim Robinson, at Samford University in Birmingham. Washington Post Executive Editor Len Downie, who was a rookie reporter with Robinson at The Post, was the featured speaker. Robinson worked the weekend shift for UPI in Birmingham as he worked his way through Samford when he wasn't holding down duties as assistant state editor of the now-defunct Birmingham Post-Herald.

Alums of UPI Montgomery, Ala., bureau gathered near the site of one of the last offices of UPI in MG to mark the 100th anniversary of the news agency. From left are Clay Redden, the last MG staffer (now head of PR for the Alabama House of Representatives); Ralph Holmes, UPI stringer in the 1960s and former Birmingham News state Capitol reporter; Dana Beyerle, who worked for for UPI in MG and Huntsville, Ala. (now reports from Montgomery for two New York Times regional newspapers); Tommy Giles, longtime photo stringer for UPI (now works for the state Department of Transportation); Jeff Woodard, who was a reporter for UPI in MG for five years (now chief of staff to the Alabama House speaker); Alvin Benn, who was a reporter for a year for UPI in Birmingham in the mid 1960s (now retired and working parttime for the Montgomery Advertiser); and Bob Lowry, who was a reporter for UPI in Montgomery from 1977-82 and bureau manager in Austin, Texas, from 1982-1991 (now Montgomery correspondent for The Huntsville Times. Not shown: former longtime MG bureau manager Bessie Ford, who is now a free-lancer in Montgomery; and Elvin Stanton, a former stringer who went on to become press secretary to Alabama Gov. George Wallace. (Photo by Sharon Benn).

UPI legend Helen Thomas was the subject of this July 25, 2007, "Doonesbury" by editorial cartoonist Garry Trudeau

UPI Southern Division and overseas vets Al Webb and Pat Harden with spouses, Sept, 2008 in the UK.

Jim Overton, Max Vanzi, Richard Gross, Mark Scheinbaum of various domestic and international bureaus at a mini-downhold lunch at Maria's restaurant in Santa Fe. November 2008. Courtesy of Ruchard Gross.

Luggage tag given to reporters by CNN who covered the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.



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